Short biography:

Blazevska Monika was born on March 13, 1990 in Skopje. She completed her secondary education at the “Lazar Lichenoski” Art School, then graduated at the “European University”, “Faculty of Art and Design”, majoring in “Graphic Design”.

Participates in seven group exhibitions and two solo fashion shows.

Works as a graphic designer. At the age of 25, she opened her own art gallery. Meanwhile, she became recognizable after drawing clothes. Makes hand-painted portraits of T-shirts, scarves, dresses.

She says of art that the most concise definition is the most general – The term art refers to all creative human actions, with the exception of actions directly related to survival and reproduction. From a broader perspective, art is simply a term derived from any product of the creative impulse from which all other human activities are derived. The term art offers no real definition other than those related to the cultural, historical and geographical context in which it is applied.

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