On February 15th, 2018 in the “VIP base” was held the first solo exhibition and fashion show of the young artist Monika Blazevska.

At this first exhibition under the theme “Love is unique… Monika Blazevska is also unique”, were exhibited twenty-three oil paintings made in realistic and modern style. The beautiful hand-painted pieces of clothing, on the other hand, were presented by the young models Ivana Geleva, Teodora Bojceva, Dona and Simona Stanchevi.

Numerous famous and eminent artists from various artistic fields came to support Blazevska –

Above all, the famous artists Biljana Vasilevska and Natali Nikolovska, the musicians Risto Apostolov and Bojan Mitanovski from “Vodolija”, Fitz from “Studeni noze”, Zoi Blaz, Marija Spasovska, Robert Vukelic, the poets Olivera Docevska, Elena Prendzovka, Alena Prendzovka , violinist Eva Bogoevska, young host Despina Janakievska, Nestor Janakievski, creative Marga Filipovska, famous managers and others. Some of them took part in the cultural and entertainment program.

The official Eurovision club “Infe Macedonia” and the winery “Ezimit” from Stip helped this first solo exhibition of Monika Blazevska.

“Artistic paintings, scenically set, from which models with cartoon creations emerge.”

Ten art canvases and thirty fashion creations were made.

This is how “PAINTED LADIES” was presented, the second exhibition and fashion show of the designer Monika Blazevska in the urban, city bar “THE LOFT”, May 13th, 2019.

Three exhibitions of professional models from the studio “MODELS IN” in which day, evening and unique combinations of clothes were noticed. Emphasis was placed on hand-drawn swimsuits.

Supporters of this event were the photographer Zoran Popovski – Averel, the bicycle brand “Pinarello”. The wonderful team from “Prima Optics” complemented all the creations with beautiful glasses. Beauty salon “Biondina”, the brand “Oriflame” and make up artist Nebojsa Peshevski took care of the beautiful and natural look of the models. They also gave great support to a unique woman who knows how to wear unique hand-drawn pieces of clothing.

The glamorous and unique jewelry from “Olivia”.

“Pro Design” and the application “In room Preview” specially designed for the selection of artistic images by applying them via mobile phone in the space.

“KALAPLAKAT” made posters and banners as promotional material. The completion of the whole event was followed by the wonderful wine from “Stobi” Winery.

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